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Selected Research and Writings

                                                By Dr. Bruce Bordner

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1.         “By Design: The FEC: Regulatory Decision-making as a

                        Constrained Bargaining Process.”

2.        “An Event History Analysis of State Legislative Term Limitations.”

3.         ”More than a Footnote: The Interest and Journey of Susan Decatur.”

4.         “Show Me The Money!  An Examination of Presidential

                        Campaign Finance Law.”

5.         “Rethinking Neorealist Theory: Order Within Anarchy.”

6.         “Persuade or Obey: Richard Kraut: Socrates and the State.”

7.        “An Examination of the History of Court Cases Surrounding

                    the Issue of Minority Vote Dilution and the Impact of the    

                   Courts on Legislative Redistricting.”