Doctorate of Philosophy in Government, conferred May, 2001.
        Major Field of Study: American Government.
        Minor Fields of Study: Foreign Affairs and Political Theory.
        Sub-Field: Political Behavior.
Dissertation: “By Design: The FEC - The Federal Election Commission and Regulatory
        Decision-Making as a Constrained Bargaining Process.”
Dissertation Committee: Dr. Matthew Holden, Jr. (Chair); Dr. James W. Ceaser;
        Dr. David Klein; and Dr. Philip D. Zelicow (University-Wide Representative).
Graduate Courses Completed at the University of Virginia
GFAD    709            Research Methods
GFAG    700            Introduction to American National Institutions
GFAG    741            Survey of State and Local Government
GFAG    777            Interest Group Politics
GFAG    760            Public Administration
GFAG    821            The American Presidency
GFAP     825            The United States Congress
GFIR      701            International Relations Theory
GFIR      836            Fundamentals of Diplomacy
GFPT     700            Introduction to Political Theory