Bruce C. Bordner, Ph.D.

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The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Doctorate of Philosophy in Government, conferred May, 2001.

        Major Field of Study: American Government.

        Minor Fields of Study: Foreign Affairs and Political Theory.

        Sub-Field: Political Behavior.

Dissertation: “By Design: The FEC - The Federal Election Commission and

        Regulatory Decision-Making as a Constrained Bargaining Process.”

Dissertation Committee: Dr. Matthew Holden, Jr. (Chair); Dr. James W. Ceaser; 

Dr. David Klein; and Dr. Philip D. Zelicow (University-Wide Representative).


The Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California.

Master of Arts Degree in Public Policy, conferred January 1996.

Master’s Thesis: “An examination of the history of court cases surrounding

minority vote dilution and the impact of the courts on the issue of legislative reapportionment.”

Master’s Thesis Committee Members: Dr. George Felkenes (Chair);

and Dr. Alfred Balitzer.


Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, California.

Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honors in Government focusing on Foreign

Affairs and Strategic Studies, conferred May, 1990.

Honors Thesis: “Grass Root Public Opinion Formation.”

Other Academic Honors:

        Winner: Phillip Roland Award for Excellence in Public Affairs.

        Margaret Martin Brock Internship in Practical Politics, 1989.

        John Brown Cook Fellow, 1989.

Senior Class President, 1990.

Board of Directors of the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna

College, 1990

Student Member, Committee on Buildings and Grounds for the Board of

Trustees of Claremont McKenna College, 1987-1989.




August 2009 to Present.  Part-Time Faculty within the Division of Politics,

Administration, and Criminal Justice.

Supervisor: Dr. Raphe Sonenshein, Division Chair.  (657) 278-3837.

Instructor of Political Science and Criminal Justice responsible for teaching two courses in Public Management and Policy during the fall 2009 semester.


Oct. 2006 to March 2009.  Lecturer in Political Science and Public Policy.  

Supervisor: Dr. Shaun Bowler, Chair, Department of Political Science.  

(951) 827-5595.


Political Science Instructor responsible for teaching courses in American Government; the United States Congress; Regulation: A Political Perspective; Politics and Economic Policy-making; California State Government; Judicial Process and Policy-making; Constitutional Law: Criminal Procedure; Constitutional Law: Fundamental Freedoms; and Introduction to Public Policy Analysis.

UNIVERSITY OF LA VERNE, La Verne, CA. Jan. 2006 to Dec. 2006, and

Sept. 2007 to Dec. 2007.  Adjunct Faculty, American Government.

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Gelm, Chair, History and Political Science Department.

(909) 593-3511.


Adjunct Faculty to the University of La Verne.  Responsible for teaching courses in American Government, State and Local Government, and Modern Political Theory. (Position replaced faculty on leave, as needed.)


MT. SAN JACINTO COLLEGE, Menifee Valley Campus, Sept. 2004

to Present.  Associate Faculty in Political Science. 

Supervisor: Dr. Richard Rowley, Dean of Instruction. (951) 639-5420.


Political Science Instructor responsible for teaching introductory courses in American Government and the Government of the State of California, as well as Comparative Politics and Government.  Courses have been both face to face, as well as online distance learning courses.  Served as Interim Full-Time Faculty from 1/2009 to 7/2009.


FOLEY AND COMPANY, INC., Potomac, MD.  Oct. 2003 to Jan. 2009. 

Legislative Associate.  Principal Colleague: Mr. Joe Foley, (301) 294-0937.


Legislative Associate and Governmental Relations Consultant to Foley and Company, Government and Public Affairs.  Primary focus was on the representation of companies and municipalities in their efforts to receive federal funding from the Departments of Education, Justice, Interior and Defense.  Primary role was one that involved the targeting of federal funds, the creation and processing of appropriations required forms, and the development of legislative support for appropriations efforts.  (Note: this was a part-time, as needed, position).

LLOYD GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS, Washington, D.C. Sept. 1998 to Jan. 2005.  Government Relations Project Manager.  Supervisor: Hon. Jim Lloyd,

(530) 683-1010.


Government Relations Project Manager working with Congressman Jim Lloyd of California (ret.).  Specialized in the representation of corporations, municipalities, and other entities in the governmental relations arena.  Primary focus was on client and program management, project analysis, strategy development and solution design, issues of access, and interfacing with external lobbyists.  Note: From 1994 to 1996 and from Sept. of 1998 to May of 2001, position was part time while attending graduate school.  Spent Aug. 1996 to Aug. 1998 on complete leave in order to attend courses on campus at the University of Virginia.  Position was made full-time following the completion of my doctoral thesis in May of 2001.


UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Washington, D.C.  Jan. 1993 to Nov. 1993.  Legislative Assistant to an individual Member of Congress.


Legislative Assistant responsible for managing the following issue areas: Foreign Affairs, Defense, Trade, Veterans Affairs, and Crime; Legislative staff responsible for Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Subcommittees of Asia and the Pacific; and Africa; briefed Congressman and other interested parties on pending legislation; interfaced with lobbyists, interest groups, and district constituents; assisted in the drafting of crime and tax related legislation; experience analyzing and answering policy questions, constituent correspondence, and casework.


CALIFORNIA STATE SENATE, Legislative District Office, Feb. 1991 to Jan. 1993.  Legislative Assistant to an individual Member of the California State Senate.


Tracked and analyzed legislation before the California State Legislature; represented legislator at numerous community meetings and other events; handled constituent casework and legislative correspondence.


“By Design: The FEC: Regulatory Decision-making as a Constrained

Bargaining Process.”

“An Event History Analysis of State Legislative Term Limitations.”

“More than a Footnote: The Interest and Journey of Susan Decatur.”

“Show Me The Money!  An Examination of Presidential Campaign

Finance Law.”

“Rethinking Neorealist Theory: Order Within Anarchy.”

“Persuade or Obey: Richard Kraut: Socrates and the State.”

“An Examination of the History of Court Cases Surrounding the

Issue of Minority Vote Dilution and the Impact of the Courts on Legislative Redistricting.”


Taking Liberties: A Celebration of America’s Constitutional Freedoms: A

Constitution Day Conference at California State University, San Bernardino. 

September 12, 2009.  Morning Keynote Speaker: “Balancing Individual Liberty and the Common Good in Protecting the Rights of the Accused.”

Taking Liberties: A Celebration of America’s Constitutional Freedoms: A

Constitution Day Conference at California State University, San Bernardino. 

September 12, 2009.  Afternoon Keynote Speaker: “Balancing Individual Liberty and the Common Good in Protecting First Amendment Rights.”


• Proven ability to develop and teach a wide range of political science

and public policy courses at the University and Community

College levels with class sizes ranging from 4 to 360 students.

• Strong research, writing, communication, and analytical skills.

• Proven ability to inspire students to learn and reach their

academic potential.

• Ability to direct and supervise the activities of teaching assistants

and course graders.

• Extensive knowledge of the Blackboard Academic Suite e-Education,

Blackboard iLearn, and iGrade Platforms.

• Ability to develop and present online classes with both written

and audio lectures, as well as conduct online discussions.


Non-Academic Skills:

• Ability to network and interface with community leaders, interest

groups, and corporations.

• Practical understanding as to how both the state and federal

governments function.

• Ability to develop legislative priorities and strategies designed

to advance and/or protect client business objectives.

• Extensive experience briefing lawmakers, legislative staff, and

other parties on pending legislation, and significant political developments.